29 January 2021

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Everything you need to know about a trunk show!

Everything you need to know about a trunk show!

Ok ladies, we are sure you’ve heard us chatting about Trunk Shows and kind of, sort of, wondered, “But, what exactly is a Trunk Show?” Don’t worry, we’ve got all your Trunk Show FAQs answered below!

What is a Trunk Show?

A Trunk Show is when a designer sends us their entire latest collection! We carry only select pieces from each designer’s collection in our store, so a Trunk Show allows us to show all our EBTG babes the full collection from the season!

Do all designers offer Trunk Shows?

Not all designers offer Trunk Shows and/or sometimes we aren’t able to receive a trunk show from every designer; however, the majority of the designers in our store do! 

How long are Trunk Shows?

Typically, Trunk Shows run for one weekend starting Thursday through to Sunday. In some special cases, we are able to extend the trunk show to two full weekends. 

Is a Trunk Show a sale?

Not necessarily, although most designers do offer incentives such as 10% off dresses purchased during the Trunk Show. The purpose of the Trunk Show is to display all the dresses from a designer’s most recent collection, which differs from a Sample Sale when dresses are on sale. 

How do I know when my favourite designer is having a Trunk Show at Everything But The Groom and how can I book an appointment? 

We will always post on our social media about any upcoming trunk shows, we also have a ‘Trunk Show’ page on our website you can visit to check out all of our upcoming events. You can book an appointment by calling Eveything but The Groom or by booking online.

What if I fall in love with a dress at a Trunk Show but need still need some time to decide?

This is not a problem at all, however keep in mind the dress will not be in store for you to try on again. If you want to have your special moment saying ‘Yes To The Dress’ actually wearing the dress, then I would visit a few stores before coming to the trunk show to make sure you are feeling confident enough to say YES! Also, this means you won’t miss out on the special incentives we offer on Trunk Show weekends!!

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